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What is the best heat press machine for beginner?

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autor : Elle Lu
tiempo de actualizacion : 2020-01-03 14:20:58

We own four different heat press machines, and now have many years experience working with, researching, and writing about them. We want to share what we’ve learned as you look for your best heat press!


There is no single best t shirt press for everybody. It’s going to depend on the stage you’re at, what you need it for, the features you require, and, of course, the budget!


Best Heat Press Machine Review

There are a ton of multifunction presses for sale, which tend to be of lower quality, and are best for home craft use. The more expensive (and higher quality) machines from Miracle Heat Press are suitable for small to medium business.

Multifunction machines are good for:

  • home & craft use
  • those wanting to do a variety of projects
  • those without the budget to purchase each machine separately

Multifunctions are not so good for:

  • busy, thriving businesses
  • those wanting to be doing multiple types of projects at once
  • those with limited space
Take a closer look at how to use a multifunction heat press:

Keep in mind:

  • you can only have one press going at a time
  • with the cheaper machines it’s often tricky & fiddly to change platens around
  • the cheap multifunctions are more prone to error than regular t shirt heat presses



  • Opportunity to press on a variety of substrates
  • Transfer onto mugs, caps, tees, plates, & more
  • Many affordable options


  • Cheap versions are error prone
  • Not as good results as with dedicated machines
  • Can be fiddly to use


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